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"As an avid reader of Al Pedersen's writings on leadership and management I am a great admirer of his ability to translate important ideas into common sense that can be taken into the work place. I have Al's work on my lap top and frequently refer to it while traveling.

Al has mentored at many power plants. People who have received the mentoring have reported its benefits to me."

Dr. William R. Corcoran, President
Nuclear Safety Review Concepts

" I have worked with Al to mentor my direct reports and have also had the pleasure of being mentored by Al. I found Al's very direct and personal interface to have a rapid effect on individual attitude and behaviors which then rolled up to improve section and department moral"

John Messina, Director, Work Management
Davis Besse Nuclear Station

"Al, you have a direct approach and that worked well in my case. What stands out in the short period of our relationship is the fact that you brought a sounding board to provide individual feedback that was most important to communication. You offered candid feedback that reminds me today of my presence in meetings and how my mannerisms affect those in attendance and sometimes the outcome is unexpected. So I constantly think of the affect that I have on others who will be building the project, process, or product and ensure that communication is clear and that I provided the basis for my thoughts and the direction needed to build the right product. Al, some people just don't get it. It's the people that produce the products and not the managers. As leaders, we need to provide the tools for the job. One of those is us. We need to be available to provide decisions, counseling, direction, re-direction if necessary, congratulations, no matter what the outcome."
Richard Phares, Clinton Power Station

Safety Assessment and Performance Improvement Manager

"Corporate Effects and Paradigm Consulting have worked alongside one another at several nuclear sites. While not directly involved with the same projects, we have often discussed mutually relevant information to provide the client the best overall product from both our perspectives. Corporate Effects, under the direction of Al Pedersen, is a company dedicated to improving organizational effectiveness by changing individual performance, and it is always a pleasure to work alongside such professionalism.

"Al Pedersen approaches leadership mentoring and coaching with an obvious concern for the individual and the company. He embodies what he teaches, and is an astute observer who possesses keen insights. He spends countless hours framing each situation with care and precision. The results of these efforts are candid reports that provide a comprehensive guideline for significant change."

Dr. Jeff Jeffries, President
Paradigm Consulting

"Al Pedersen worked with my Operations Manager and myself at Dresden during the turn around period. His advice and knowledge of personnel issues with regards to operating performance and human performance were insightful, candid, and timely for our actions. He worked closely with the Operations Manager during team meetings, control room assessments, in the field working with non-licensed operators and provided feedback for operating standards and fundamentals.

"His questions to management about how fundamentals were inculcated into the culture, training results for changes to operating standards, and ability to openly direct discussions around these operating issues helped focus the attention and ultimate results to improved operations.

"The results of his performance assistance were instrumental in successful completion of an NRC Independent Inspection Team review and ultimate removal of Dresden from the NRC watch list. Noted improvements in operating were consistently demonstrated by the operations team over several years following these efforts."

Michael Heffley, Vice President, Nuclear Oversight

"Perception IS reality" ... You think you are a fair supervisor, they perceive that you are a tireless tyrant!

"As a 1996 graduate of the Corporate Effects Leadership and Management Mentoring Program, I learned that a supervisor's perception of his leadership qualities often are very different from the "reality" perceived by his employees. Al Pedersen's mentoring challenged me to become a leader who establishes and maintains high standards for myself and my subordinates in an environment of empowerment, friendship and mutual respect. This new outlook on supervision changed my perspective from one of being a director of a workforce to that of leader of a team where each member is a valued contributor accountable for his own actions.

"The Practical Guide to Leadership is a particularly good collection of thoughts, anecdotes, and lessons that illustrate the myriad issues facing today's leaders with sensible responses to those issues. I have supervised personnel for over twenty years and have attended several "leadership" seminars, but I consider Al's book to be the definitive reference for the front line supervisor. His wise, humorous and common sense approach to supervision should be required reading for all levels of supervision."

William L. McCoy, Health Physics Supervisor
Perry Nuclear Plant

"I have known Mr. Pedersen for over six years. It has been both a privilege and an honor to work with him in the nuclear power industry over those years. In fact, I believe he is the first person who caused me to change from a good manager to a good leader by focusing on the growth and development of people as a priority instead of tasks or things. This may seem obvious but very difficult in an environment which is heavily regulated and driven by technical knowledge/expertise. This shift is without a doubt something which has enabled me to become more successful in my business and has created opportunities which otherwise did not exist.

"I personally worked side by side with Mr. Pedersen where his role was coaching and mentoring me to change and evolve to a higher level of thinking while in a turnaround situation which mandated immediate results. The focus was to change from a highly directive management approach to the development of others. I had to instill in others higher standards of performance with a significant increase in accountability. Mr. Pedersen educated me to see this and worked with me to the point where it became a reality. The results were truly awesome because what occurred was a work force which became empowered to act by making decisions and a long lived culture of accepting things as is had finally changed. A nuclear power plant viewed as a candidate for shutdown because of attitudes to one of the top operating plants in the country that now is viewed as a very valuable asset to the stockholders. The most impressive aspect to me is the fact that today four years later the plant still is a top performer because the foundation was built on its people. This plant has become the " Harvest Ground " for many managers today who are executives elsewhere.

"I am extremely grateful for that education and the continued learning I get from the book Mr. Pedersen has written " A PRACTICLE GUIDE TO LEADERSHIP " . There is no magic to success; its all about knowing who you are and staying grounded on values, standards and good work principles. The name of the game is not what I make happen but how I influence others to make things happen and that occurs by shaping and developing your people to achieve success beyond what they thought possible. I wish I could say I was the author of this thinking. It was Mr. Pedersen who caused me to see this and put me on the true path of leadership. I have taught this thinking to others multiple times and have seen measurable results each time."

Timothy J. O'Connor, Vice President

Corporate Effects - Lasting Effects

"I met Al Pedersen about seven years ago. That meeting seven years ago has had a lasting effect. Al was asked to come to the plant that I worked at to mentor one of our managers, however the mentoring in reality went far beyond a single manager. Due to Al's nature of working with all levels of an organization, many people throughout the organization benefited from Al's coaching. But most importantly, it was the senior managers that gained from Al's influence and coaching which ultimately benefited the whole organization.

"In my first conversation with Al I explained how well I was leading my area. We were developing project plans so we knew who does what by when (you know, accountability). We analyzed our budgets and monitored it (like good leaders do). We set goals and developed performance indicators (got to know where you are going and how you are doing as the leader). So with all these fine leadership behaviors, Al asked why was our plant still a poor performer? Al provided a simple answer: we were not leading people, we were trying to manage "things". Manage things, lead people. Yes maybe an over used phrase by now, but a principle (something that is always true) started us down the right path.

"But of course, a simple phrase does not make change. Here is where Al's technique comes in to bring about true change; not just words of commitment or "management training" in which the day after the same behaviors are at work. Al was at work through out the whole organization talking with plant operators, maintenance technicians, engineers, and administrative staff to provide a real check on the effectiveness of the managers. How well do people understand expectations for work performance, do they understand how their job effects or contributes to meeting the organization's goals, and do they even know what they are? Al provided instant, accurate feedback on how effective or ineffective I was in setting standards of performance, holding people accountable to performance expectations, and coaching subordinates. He provided coaching on how to coach supervisors to be more effective with their people. Though he helped us understand the roles of leaders, managers, and supervisors, he coached that anyone with influence has leadership responsibilities.

"It is not news that utilities are faced with competition and all are in the process of becoming leaner and more aggressive, but it is barely the beginning. Organizations must have people at all levels of an organization that can react to changing priorities, demands, and markets. It will be imperative to have highly effective leadership at all levels, particularly at the top. Al Pedersen's experience as a manager and leader and his approach that interacts with people throughout an organization is the most effective means to bring about true change in leadership behaviors, that produces results.

"If the senior management team learns effective leadership behaviors it will transcend through all levels and only then can the full potential of an organization be realized. Makes sense doesn't it? If you answered no or don't understand, you need to call Al, and quickly."

Joseph Kotowski, Technical Services Manager-Nuclear Supply

"I had the great pleasure to become acquainted with Mr. Al Pedersen during the summer of 1994 while he was performing consultant work here at the Perry Power Plant. At that time "Al was working for the Plant Manager in the area of supervisory development. Under the direction of the Plant Manager, Al became a mentor to me and greatly assisted in my further development as a supervisor. He worked with me throughout the summer and into the fall of that year, and provided me with many insights into the qualities and the strengths possessed by successful supervisors.

"Even though there were times during his coaching and mentoring sessions that I became frustrated with his ideas or with the process, I truly believe that Al's guidance was the real turning point for me in respect to my career as a supervisor. I finally was able through his guidance to see the real difference between the type of supervisor I was, and the supervisory leader that I should have been. He showed me what steps I needed to take to reach a position of true leadership with the individuals who reported to me. One of the most important aspects that Al helped me cultivate was my understanding that a leader is only as strong as the individuals who make up the organization. I came to clearly understand that it is the people who make the difference, and the real focus of a leader must be one of respect, commitment, communication, and support for the individuals who work for him. One of the most important changes I made, as a result of Al's help, was the realization that I was spending too much time being a administrative supervisor and not being a true leader for my people. I came to realize that I could accomplished a great deal more, if I delegated as much of my administrative work as possible, and left my office and spent as much time as possible out in the field with my people. Once I did this on a regular basis, the change in me, in my people, and in our operation was tremendous. I came to realize that I accomplished more by interacting, listening, and observing my people and their work then I ever did reviewing what had been done or trying to set and plan what should be done from my office. Some of the key aspects I still remember from Al's tutelage are: A manager's behavior and attitude have a great of impact on his people A leader must trust and respect his employees He must care about them and have empathy for them He must have principles and be sincere and consistent in how he applies them A leader supports his employees and is confident in their abilities to do their job and gives them the freedom to get their work done in the most effective way possible

"In conclusion, I truly feel that Al was a stepping stone for me in becoming an effective supervisor and a leader for the members of the Perry security force. I believe that I was good supervisor before working with Al; however through his help, I believe I became a much better supervisor. I also believe my employees' feel that I became a better supervisor (leader) as a result of the training."

Ronald V. Rose, QA/Corrective Action
Perry Nuclear Plant

"Al's mentoring has accelerated the development of numerous managers in nuclear plants around the country. His balance of technical knowledge and interpersonal savvy allow him to establish credibility quickly. Al is able to develop strong relationships with people in order to enhance the mentoring process. He provides candid feedback with the appropriate amount of support. His wit and insights help him to create an environment that maximizes the opportunity for leadership development within the nuclear industry."

Bill Horst, Ph. D., Senior Consultant
RHR International

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